Circle Twelve is building hardware and software products that allow people to work together, but in a different way. If people want to work together, and they reside in different locations, there a lots of network-based software products to support collaboration. But if people are in the same place at the same time, traditional computer interfaces get in the way. The best a traditional computer can do is let one person “drive” while the others huddle around the display and watch. Team members are no longer facing each other, and the result can be frustrating – not really collaboration.

Circle Twelve provides products that allow people to gather around an interactive tabletop display, look at each other eye-to-eye and interact with the same thing at the same time. Circle Twelve’s principle hardware product, is DiamondTouch, the first and only multi-user touch technology that enables this type of same-space, small-group collaboration.

Circle Twelve products including the DiamondTouch table and the DiamondTouch Imersion system for connecting to remotely located teams.  Also available are supporting hardware products (such as projectors), software (such as DTCollaborate plug-ins) and services (such as custom applications development).

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